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Dr. Abideen O. Yekinni, MD, FACS

Hearing Loss / Aids


Hearing instruments are devices that can help individuals with hearing loss to hear and understand speech better. Hearing loss can develop over time, and a person may not recognize how serious the problem has become. Often, people suffering from hearing loss do not want to acknowledge that they have trouble hearing. It can be difficult to accept hearing loss, but once you realize that it is very common, and that today's technology can greatly improve your quality of living. Having your hearing checked and getting help are the best decisions.


Dr. Yekinni offers the complete care of ear, hearing, and balance problems in children and adults to improve the hearing, communication, and quality of life for our patients. Our office offers a licensed Audiologist on staff, she works hand in hand with Dr Yekinni to provide you with the best of care. After examination and testing, a diagnosis and treatment plan is developed for each individual. Treatment can consist of medicine, surgery, counseling, and/or rehabilitative measures, including a variety of hearing aid products and services.


We Treat:


Ear and hearing disorders, such as hearing loss, including chronic ear disease, acute and chronic ear infections in adults and children, tinnitus (ringing or unwanted noise in the head/ears), ear tumors, and impacted ear wax, Dizziness and balance disorders, Meniere's Disease, benign positional vertigo, labyrinthitis, and migraine-associated disequilibrium.


With hearing devices, you may find that:


  • You hear and understand speech better in many situations;
  • You are able to join in when talking with a group of people;
  • You hear certain speech sounds more clearly;
  • You can hear warning signs that help you stay safe, such as a smoke alarm or car horn; and Life is more enjoyable for you and the people around you.


We have Audiologists on site Thursdays & Fridays from 9am - 5pm. Appointments are available from 9:15 - 12 noon both days. Please call the office to schedule.



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